Use a "Pre-mortem"​ to set yourself up for success in your next presentation!

A Pre-mortem is a process that uses prospective hindsight to identify potential failure points in a project. The hypothetical opposite to a postmortem, the team identifies what might go wrong before the project commences. According to research cited in the


, a Pre-mortem can increase the ability to correctly identify reasons for future outcomes by 30%!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of your MacBook deciding to do a software update in the middle of your big opportunity or realising as the ro

om fills that you don't have the required adapter to connect to the presentation suite. To mitigate these risks, visit the site well in advance to test your set up and identify the potential failure points that are within your control. Then control them...

  • Laptop, charged, notifications off, software updates paused √
  • Spare laptop, charged, notifications off, software updates paused √
  • Multi port adapter, HDMI and VGA to USB / USB-C √
  • Spare HDMI cable √
  • USB-C to USB adapter √
  • Presentation online √
  • Presentation offline on a stick or hard drive √
  • Presentation clicker √
  • Spare batteries √
  • Phone set up as “Prezi” remote √
  • Analogue watch as timer √
  • Appropriate screensavers