We are excited to announce that new to our services at Apatheia High Performance Training is Presentation Coaching.

We have been there. We know what it feels like, faced with a make or break opportunity to deliver a presentation that has the potential to unlock the door to a new and exciting future. 

Bryan, our presentation coach has delivered hundreds of training sessions and presentations to a wide and varied audience over the last 10 years. 

He is passionate about giving you the tools that will enable you to benefit from all the lessons learned during this time.

Our presentation coaching package will ensure you have controlled all possible variables to enable and empower you to deliver a pitch or presentation that is worthy of all the hard work you've put in that has got you to this point.

We accompany our client on the entire journey, we work with you on all aspects of preparation including content, structure, delivery and timing, use of presentation technologies including the various presentation software and the do's and don'ts of making a great speech, all whilst forging the mindset to overcome the pressure of public speaking.