“I found The session with Bryan Teahan was hugely eye opening in terms of what we need to be doing as individual leaders and as a leadership group. Yesterday’s session also made it abundantly clear that we can spend all day every day writing down plans and creating diagrams but without leadership to back it up we will never affect the kind of change and performance we need to get to as an organisation. As someone in the first couple of years in his leadership journey I would greatly appreciate and encourage the continuation and broadening of these leadership events".

Attendee at a Leadership workshop Nov 2019.

"The success of any business is dependent on the leaders within. Our Leadership for Leaders programme is about building high performance teams and leader development. As part of our programme Bryan Teahan delivered a thought provoking and insightful workshop on the challenges and key pillars of leadership".

Stephan Tabb

HR Manager
Linked-in Post, 22/11/19

"This week we kicked off our Leadership for Leaders development programme here at Global Shares, where performance consultant Bryan Teahan discussed all things ownership, emotional intelligence and self care. A hugely interesting session and we're already looking forward to the next one".

Global Shares 

Linked-in Post, 15/10/19

“it was an absolute pleasure to have you speak to our people, your journey is amazing and we were all buzzing leaving last night!”

Catriona Curran

People and Culture Manager


“amazing night…”

John Purdy



"Stand Bryan in a room of extraordinary people and he will stand out. Fully engaged from the outset, Bryan captivated his audience and drove home the fundamental lesson of resilience in a compelling fashion."

Noah's Wish to Walk

I had the great pleasure of hearing Bryan Teahan speak at what was billed as a motivational evening in Waterford recently. The ideas he presented were invaluable and broken down into measurable, achievable and simple steps. (I said "simple", not necessarily "easy"!) Bryan is a very credible coach with true life and work skills and experiences to back up what he's saying. The lessons he has learned and the philosophy he has developed could be applied to industry, business and domestic life. His knowledge is real and the system he presents would undoubtedly get results if applied. I would highly recommend Bryan as a business coach - he has a great deal to offer.

Nichola Beresford
Managing Director of Anchor Spirits Ireland Limited

"Lots of great tips to take away. If you are interested in mindset training for your team I would highly recommend”

Grace Lynch
Senior Recruitment Consultant


"I left Bryan's Practical Resilience workshop with an invigorating 'feel the fear and do it anyway' attitude! I'd recommend Bryan's group coaching in resilience to anyone interested in ongoing self-improvement and goal achievement."

Pam Ryan

Freelance writer and attendee at a "Practical Resilience" Workshop

“Working with Apatheia has enabled me to realise the true potential I had within myself. Our consultation left me with a rejuvenated and focused mindset on the task I have set out for myself. Both the experience and ethos at Apatheia is refreshing. The mindset and practices Bryan teaches have left me feeling more than capable and empowered to beat any challenge in any environment that lies ahead of me.”

Lee O'Donoghue
MSc Student at Dublin City University

"Bryan..mentored students to push themselves to new heights"

Daniel Cluskey



"Bryan..truly set himself apart in the quality and energy of his delivery"

Jonah Roche

Founder, Skillshop